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Visual Arts

Year 7

This program is taught in conjunction with the core syllabus. All students should have a separate Visual Arts Process Diary for the Special Program.

Term 1 – Drawing fundamentals 1

In this topic students use a wide variety of materials.
The students will be introduced to a combination of technical and experimental approaches to drawing with the emphasis on perspective and spatial relationship. A major drawing task will be used for assessment.

Term 2 – Drawing fundamentals 2

Using a wide variety of materials and incorporating some mixed media approaches. The students will study human anatomy with the use of the skeleton and the study of muscles. A major drawing task will be used for assessment.

Term 3 – Fundamentals of sculpture

An introduction to the ideas, methods and materials of sculpture through varied exercises and techniques, including clay modeling, mould making, plaster work, etc. A major sculpture task will be used for assessment.

Term 4 – Fundamentals of painting

This is a very structured program with directed outcomes. The course entails the study of composition, colour theory and perspective, using various painting media. The main subject will be still life. A major drawing task will be used for assessment.

Year 8

Each of these courses will be expanded upon in year 8.

In the Year 8 visual arts special program, students will work toward more complicated issues in graphics, sculpture and painting through group and singular projects.

Furthermore students will be encouraged to enter relevant competitions and exhibitions.