COVID19 Update

Our school is learning from home. Parents and carers must keep students at home.

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The ten faculties at Mosman High School are committed to offering students access to a broad curriculum and to providing a quality learning environment.

The whole school has a focus on assessment within the NSW model of Quality Teaching. This is a long-term strategic priority. Teaching staff are working with Educational Consultants and staff experts to learn more about differentiation in assessment, assessment for learning and consistency of teacher judgement. Staff will develop and write assessments that incorporate the NSW QT model and reflect the new syllabuses.

The teaching staff at Mosman High continue to focus on differentiation of the curriculum, gender specific teaching strategies, ‘engaging all learners’ in the classroom supporting gifted and talented student learning and incorporating technology into student learning.

The integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into the classroom is a school priority and this focus will be ongoing. ICT, including the Department’s Web Services, will be used by teachers in all faculties to enhance teaching and learning during through the year.