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The Mathematics faculty at Mosman High School is a modern and progressive faculty with a focus on teaching and learning.

The faculty embraces new technologies and ideas, taking a holistic approach which caters to individual strengths and interests. Members of the faculty communicate and work as a team, whilst feedback from parents is always welcomed and valued.

The Australian Mathematics Competition

This is the world’s largest mathematics competition, held every year. This competition involves students independently working on 6 challenging maths problems over a period of 3 weeks and submitting their solutions.

Over a period of 16 weeks, students work through a comprehensive support booklet, learning new non-syllabus mathematics and doing exercises. At the end of each chapter they attempt a problem based on each chapter and hand it in.

Beyond Visible Elective

This course has been designed to appeal to students who are passionate about exploring mathematics and science.  Students participate in the Noether Enrichment series, maths and science competitions and task rich mathematics and science activities. Areas of study include gravitational waves, number theories, IRN space and nanotechnology and encryption.

Extension 1 and 2 Mathematics Courses in Years 11 and 12

Every year, Mosman High School has a number of classes following the three unit course and the more able students are able to choose the very demanding four unit course.

Numeracy Centre

The school and the mathematics faculty have established a Numeracy Centre, which operates during three lunchtimes per week (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday). This centre operated by mathematics teachers provides support for students who are struggling with maths concepts or who have missed maths lessons due to either ill health or involvement in school activities. All maths students are welcome to attend.