Welcome to Year 10



Year Advisors: Reece Watson & Catharina Simmonds

All Year 10 must complete the Record of School Achievement (ROSA). The vast majority of students will be continuing into the senior years to complete the Higher School Certificate. So this year is an important one, which will help consolidate the skills needed to succeed in the Senior School.

This is an outstanding student group with a keen interest in community service and achievement. Year 10 does not have a camp (they will have one in Year 11) but there are many activities throughout the year.

We have 48 Peer support leaders, meeting weekly with small groups of Year 7 students to provide support for our youngest students. These meetings have gone very well so far and are being enjoyed by both the younger students and the leaders.

Year 10 students also have a leadership role particularly in school carnivals where as captains and leaders in sport they support younger years.

Important dates

School Photo Day: 21 February 2019
Year 9/10 Parent Forum: 4 March 2019

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