769 Military Rd, Mosman,

NSW 2088 Australia



What is CrossFit


Due to the demands placed on young people we are seeing a large number of students reducing their level of

physical activity which results in high levels of obesity, mental health issues and unhealthy ideas of body image.

CrossFit Mosman High provides students with the opportunity to engage in a program that is scientifically

proven, effective, varied and fun which aims at promoting lifelong, physical activity






CrossFit Mosman High is a strength and conditioning program for Mosman High students.

We are able to tailor the program to meet the sports-specific needs with measurable outcomes

for participants. We combine functional movements and high intensity to promote body awareness and

develop strength, agility and power. CrossFit Mosman High is an all-inclusive program regardless of ability.


CrossFit Mosman High will become a hub for students that value the health and well-being.

Students can participate in CrossFit through the PDHPE elective program, PASS, and targeted sports programs.