International FAQs

Can I have early leave?

Early leave is only granted by the Principal after she reviews each student's attendance record. A letter must be written by the guardian and given to the International Students Coordinator. Students must not purchase air tickets before approval is given. Students need to be aware that days away on early leave will be counted as days off school when a percentage of attendance is calculated for renewal of visas.

Can the school write me a release letter?

No, this is undertaken only by the International Student's Centre. Students will need to phone the ISC and ask for an appointment first before going in. It is a visa requirement that students must stay with the same provider (NSW government schools) for at least 6 months before you can change schools.

Can I have a work visa?

Yes, students need to organise a work visa with the International Student's Centre and DIMIA. The International Students' Coordinator can assist students if they have trouble logging on the net or need some assistance.

How many days can I be away?

A student must be at school regularly. To be away often will affect the learning of the student. Students must attend at least 85% of the time. This means that students must be at school for most of the time unless they are sick. If attendance drops below 80% then the International Students Centre (ISC) is notified. The ISC is required to report to DIMA all students who do not comply with their visa requirements.

I am over 18, why do I need a guardian?

All students attending schools have at least one contact person. We expect international students to provide us with a contact person even if he/she is over 18, in case there is an emergency. Students under 18 must stay in a homestay or with an approved guardian.

Can I change my subjects?

Yes, but only after negotiation with the Principal. It is best to choose wisely at enrolment to avoid changing subjects. Students must choose subjects according to their strengths and interests.

What happens if I miss an assessment?

If you happen to be sick on the day of the assessment, ring the school on 8968 7602 (after hours) and 9968 1006 (between 8.30am and 3.30pm) and ask to be connected to the Head Teacher of the subject that you will miss or leave a message on the voice mail.

Explain to the head teacher why you cannot do the assessment task. He or she will tell you what to do next. You are expected to see the Head Teacher and provide a Doctor's Certificate as soon as you return to school.