An international student is someone who:

  • Is the principal holder of a student visa subclass 571P
  • has enrolment at Mosman High arranged by the International Students Centre
  • is a full fee paying student

Most of our international students attending Mosman High come from China, but we also have students from Germany, France, Russia, Belarus, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Brazil.

"As an international student from China, I feel so lucky to go to Mosman High School. It is my first and the only secondary school in Australia; however I never feel regret that I did not have the chance to experience the other ones. This school let me understand how much school affects my life.

I attended for two years. Being apart from my family was really hard for me. I still remember the first day at Mosman High. I was so scared and shy. I was afraid of talking to other people even though I knew I needed friends. Fortunately, the kind Principal and those warm-hearted teachers helped me to get over this uncomfortable feeling. They care about me, encourage me when I am upset and also correct me when I step the wrong way. Thank you so much to all the teachers. It is they that helped me to know more about the world, it is they that helped me to believe in myself. At this moment when it is time to choose our futures, they are trying their best to support us. I believe wherever I go I will still remember I used to be a student at Mosman High and will be always proud of it."

- Ranea