Faculties - History

Years 7-10

History is compulsory for Years 7-10.
In Years 7-9 each student receives a semester of History followed by a semester of Geography or vice versa. There are four units of work taught each semester.

Year 7 Units

  • What is History?
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome

Year 8 Units

Students undertake 4 units from the following topics:

  • Aboriginal people before 1900
  • Medieval History
  • The Vikings
  • Medieval Japan
  • Plains Indians
  • The Aztecs/Incas

Year 9 Units

  • Federation 1900-14
  • World War I
  • Between the Wars
  • World War II

Year 10

History is taught for 4 periods each week throughout the year in preparation for Record of School Achievement. In 9 and 10 Civics is taught in conjunction with other topics. Students may also choose to do Elective History. Currently elective students can study 20th Century History and/or Ancient and Medieval History. A new course on the History of Music, specialising on the Pop Music of the 20th Century, is being developed.

Years 11-12

In the Senior school the History Faculty offers courses in Ancient History, Modern History, Extension History (available only in Year 12) and Legal Studies.

Over the years many students have achieved remarkable success. Students have received 100% for their courses or have even topped the state. However, most students choose these subjects because of the skills developed including research skills.